Re: MD-90?

From: (Stephan Tolboom)
Organization: Tilburg University
Date:         17 May 95 01:06:28 
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In Article <airliners.1995.600@ohare.Chicago.COM> "Joe Diederichs <>" says:
> I'm curious about the new MD-90.  I'd like to see (and hear) one at
> Seattle-Tacoma, if this is possible.  I understand it is extremely
> quiet.  What airlines are using it now?  Is Alaska buying any? (they
> fly a lot of MD-80's in and out of Sea-Tac).

Currenly only Delta has taken delivery of the MD-90, don't know if
they use them into Sea-Tac. Alaska had some on order, but they
cancelled the order and took delivery of additional MD-80 instead.