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From: (George Hull)
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Date:         17 May 95 01:06:27 
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In article <airliners.1995.557@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
(Ian Furlonger) wrote:

> Are any pilots out there prepared to comment on the ergonomics of the
> Airbus "sidestick", as opposed to the traditional control column? Boeing
> are sticking with the latter, but I can appreciate the attractions of an
> uncluttered cockpit, especially if the bulk of landings are performed
> automatically.

I've flown with several pilots who have operated Airbus aircraft (A-300's
. . not the fly-by-wire aircraft) and they are generally enthusiastic
about them.  Their complaint about the Porsche-designed cockpit was that
there were no flat surfaces to put anything on.  Everything slopes and,
while this may look good, there is a problem finding places to balance
things on.

 > When learning to fly a Piper Tomahawk, my instructor advised me only to use
> the left hand on the control column, thus leaving the right hand free for
> all the central controls. But I would still ask whether an Airbus captain
> might be disadvantaged by being restricted to the use of his left hand for
> controlling the aircraft upon landing...

The guy on the left does his flying with his left hand . . stick, yoke, or
sidestick.  The guy on the right does the opposite.  The throttles are on
the center pedestal so either pilot uses his "inside" hand to operate
them.  There is plenty of mechanical advantage in all of the setups in use
today . . you can "horse it around" with just one hand.  If it's so rough
that you need to use both hands on the yoke then you've probably already
firewalled the throttles.