Re: Airplane Toilets

From:         Steve Howie <>
Date:         12 May 95 03:22:51 
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Neil Harding ( wrote:
: My girlfriend does not believe me when I tell her that certain older,
: currently flying airliners deposit their sanitary waste out of the back
: of the aircraft during flight. Which leads to the phenomenon known as
: 'blue ice'.

No aircraft are legally permitted to do this. Toilets must be emptied by
one of the so-called "honey wagon" waste-removal trucks after the aircraft
has landed.  "Blue Ice" is usually the result of a leak to the outside of
the fuselage allowing waste to congeal into a frozen lump which eventually
breaks off and falls to earth. The blue colour is probably due to the
disinfectant in the toilet water.

That reminds me - time for lunch! :)

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