Re: Rudder control & front gear

From: (Mr Ted Pleavin)
Organization: Hong Kong Supernet
Date:         12 May 95 03:22:50 
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Robert Leong ( wrote:
: (Robert Dorsett) wrote:

: What is a 'center gear bogies'?
The B-747 has 4 main wheel bogies, 2 are wing gear and the inner 2 are
center gear bogies.  To aid in turns the center pair have an unlatching
system that allows them to caster (I believe 12 degrees)  This prevents
tire scrubbing during tight turns

: Do large jets have differential breaking of the left or right main
: landing gears and if yes, are they used to assist in turning as do
: light plans?

Yes, but not generally as this leads to severe tire scrubbing and
remember we have differential thrust to help in the turns.

: I once asked a MD80 pilot while sitting on the ground on a quick stop
: over if he can tell me what the climb rate during initial takeoff was,
: he told me he didn't know!  So I said oh and returned to my seat.  Can
: this be for real?  Do they just go by the airspeed during climb and
: don't really care what the VSI is as long as it is climbing?

Again Yes, during rotation when your looking for a pitch angle and an
airspeed it doesn't really matter if the VSI is climbing at 1000 or 6000
fpm.  The only time VSI becomes important on the initial departure is
during an engine failure and the subsequent level off to accelerate to
min clean speed bfore climbing to MSA.

Cheers Ted.