Re: Rudder control & front gear

From:         Mark Radovich <>
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Date:         12 May 95 03:22:49 
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  or MIME structure (Robert Dorsett) wrote:
 >The 747 is a bit different: it's controlled by the tiller on the ground, by
 >the rudder when aerodynamically active.  It has a further option of steering
 >using the center gear bogies to further assist the nose gear.

Not exactly so.  Earlier models of the 747 came I think with an option of
rudder pedal nose wheel steering, however it was definitely a standard fit on
later models (I think it became standard on B747-300's).  So if the an airline
wanted to buy a new -300, and in order to have commonality with their existing
fleet of -200's and -100's, they actually had to pay extra to have the rudder
pedal nose wheel steering system removed!