Re: Connecting Wings to Fuselage - Question

From: (Eric Rood)
Organization: The Greater Columbus Freenet
Date:         12 May 95 03:22:49 
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Karl Swartz (kls@ohare.Chicago.COM) wrote:
: >Consequently the wings are not interchangable, but the proper hole
: >pattern is easily achieved. (But how often are wings changed once
: >they are in service.)

: Obviously wings can be changed, and if someone had a spare sitting
: around...

  And yet another story to tell of a wing change.  Several years ago here
in Columbus Ohio, a Grumman Tiger/Cheata (sic) was making a landing to
R28L at CMH at night.  It encountered wake turbulence from a departing
airliner and and rolled right.  The recovery placed in at low altitude
near the east parking ramp and the Grumman struck the ground upright and
came to rest under a USAir 737 wing.  The four occupants egressed before
the Grumman caught fire and "damaged" the 737 wing sufficiently to "total"
the aircraft.  The 737 was subsequently towed to the empty MD hangar
across the field where it sat for more than six months.  Boeing would not
stop the existing production line or steal a new wing from the line.
Somewhere, a "used" wing was acquired and mated to the damaged aircraft
and that aircraft was returned to service.  True story.  If I can find the
dates and titles in the newspaper database I'll include them a future
posting.  Regards, Eric.
Eric Rood
opinions are my own, subject to change by sound arguement