747 escape slides etc.

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Regarding the arming of the escape slides on the B-747 (my experience only
includes -100 and -200 series aircraft) they are each armed individually
by moving a small lever next to each entrance door to the armed position.
This lifts small levers at the doorsill which the slide's "girt bar" will
snag when the door is opened deploying the chute. The is a chute/raft at
each entry door including the upper deck door (used because of upper deck
passengers not just for the crew).

The cockpit also has five inertia reel handles and cables which can be
held to lower each crewmember to the ground via the escape hatch on the
ceiling above the flight engineer's station.

There is no access to the interior of the aircraft from any wheelwell on
the B-747. There are the two electronics access doors behind the nosegear
and another further aft (see explanation in previous postings). The cargo
bay (fore) is connected to the forward E&E compartment via two small doors
on the forward wall. The aft cargo and forward cargo compartments are not

As for when the doors are armed, each flight attendant arms his or her
door at the station they are assigned to during the departure from the
gate (pushback) or during engine start and subsequent taxi. This procedure
varies depending on the airline as does the terminology, but most are done
at or immediately during pushback so as to have emergency exit systems
available at the earliest opportunity. Most are disarmed after the
aircraft has stopped at the gate and the brakes are parked.

Hope this answers a few questions!

Das Pork