Re: 747 question

From:         Andrew Muir <>
Organization: SouthWind Internet Access, Inc.
Date:         12 May 95 03:22:48 
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Bill Hensley <> wrote:

> There isn't an escape rope, exactly.  I've seen some cable reels
> with handles.  You pop open a hatch on the top of the aircraft (you
> have to stand on the jumpseat to do it), then out, over, and down,
> down, down.  The reel has some sort of a brake that should slow you
> down.  You can't open the cockpit windows (at least on an E-4B).  I
> bet you can't on a commercial 747 either.

The system was used by a Pan Am crew during an attempted hijacking
at Karachi Pakistan.  the hikackers tried to gain control of the
aircraft while it was on the ground, and the crew bailed out using
the inertia reels.  This resulted in the plane going nowhere.


Andrew Muir