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From: (Brad Gillies)
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Date:         12 May 95 03:22:47 
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>I understand that the main doors are armed via arming switch .
>How about the window seats or upper deck doors?

THe upper deck doors are always armed except when worked on by
maintenance.  The doors are unusable for entry and exit normally
because the slide is in the way.  and, on the older models, the
door is too small.  on the -400 the slide stays in the doorway even
with the door open (not deployed).

>I'm wondering if they can be deployed unintentially by the girls.
>If they are deployed does any sort of alarm go off?

Yes. pull the handle the slide blows. (upper deck).  on the main
deck the doors must be armed to deploy.  NOTE: the door is also
blown open by a high pressure door assist bottle when opened while
armed. This would easily kill someone on the other side (on the

>Is there a slide that goes from the upper deck to the ground? (if
so i'd LOVE to go down it).

YES. No you wouldn't. Theslide is very steep and the ground is very
hard. Most injuries occur while escaping the aircraft.  I had the
opportunity to ride one when someone accidently deployed one in
the hangar.  Falling 25 feet to the floor (concrete) was fun but
the sudden stop at the end hurts.  we had to stop "playing" when
one of my coworkers broke his ankle.

>  I'm looking for any details first hand about the interior
>passageway from the nose gear to the cabin.  What does one see?

THere is a ladder that runs up into the fwd avionics compartment
just aft of the nose gear. the avionics compartment is full of
black boxes.  to the left is another ladder about 4 ft tall running
to the main deck. you must open a hatch (which is covered with
carpet to gain access to the main deck. this will put you just fwd
of the L-1 door in the middle of the aisle.

>  Is there are there any ghost lights on board?

What are ghost lights?

>  Can someone 4'6" climb the nosegear?

 YES. Not easily but yes.  There is a ladder that comes out of the
hatch if it is already down then it is reall easy.

> Is the hatchway locked?


>  Is the flight deck cockpit locked? Not usually but it can be.

>  Would the girls find those inflateable life jackets under the
>seats of are the seats used as floatable cushions?

Jackets under the seats.

>After being abandoned in an airyard would there be any rodents
>on board?  any old food or bad smells?

not likely

>And finally can someone describe an airyard itself?  does it look
>like an airport- totally paved?? are there storm sewers in which
>they could get through?  Any gaurd dogs?  are they usually very
>rural or are they close to homes and houses?

It is a really big field with airplanes on it in the middle of the
desert with nothing around for miles. (at least the one I was at
to retrieve some stored aircraft)

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