Re: Loss of an engine

From:         Keith Steele <>
Organization: Delphi ( email, 800-695-4005 voice)
Date:         03 Jan 95 01:40:40 
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There is no indicator in the cockpit of any transport that I know of that would
positively indicate that an engine had seperated from the aircraft.   If the
engine were to sieze (as is possible with a total loss of oil) the cockpit
indications would be zero oil pressure, zero engine rotation, zero thrust, and
the exhaust gas temperature pegged at the bottom of the scale.   If the engine
were to seperate from the aircraft the indications would be identical.  There
would be a slight nose down pitching moment in an aft mounted engine
configuration but may not be noticed if the engine was vibrating seriously
prior to seperation.
Keith Steele
B-727 Captain and Flight Instructor