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>Braniff Intl flew a B747-100 on it's Hawaii route ...

A 747-127, to be precise.  The Great Pumpkin, since it was all
orange.  Another one, which was built but not delivered, would have
been The Great Watermelon, I think, as it was all green.  I think it
was actually painted before the order was cancelled.

>It may possibly be the highest time B747 around. Anyone know for sure?

It probably held that title for a while, though if it's been sitting a
lot between owners it's probably fallen behind some other early 747s.
Highest cycles probably goes to one of the Japanese domestic versions.
Oldest, of course, goes to 747 #1, recently used by Boeing to flight
test the PW4000 and RR Trent engines for the 777.  The second 747, the
former Clipper Juan T. Trippe, was flying for a South American outfit
named Aeropostal for a while, or was supposed to, until they ran upon
some hard times.

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