Re: Visits to flight deck during flight (was Re: The future of "pilots")

From: (Simon Craig)
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Date:         08 May 95 02:09:09 
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In article <airliners.1995.506@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
(John DiMarco) wrote:

> (George Hull) writes:
> >I think that there were some misconceptions transmitted here.  I fly the
> >767 for a major airline.  I'm interested that you were talking to the
> >pilots during the flight . . that ain't allowed by regs.  On the ground
> >it's OK, but in flight we're not supposed to allow access to the flight
> >deck to unauthorized people.
> Not all airlines prohibit visitors to the flight deck while in the air.
> Both Air Canada and Canadian Airlines permits it, at the pilots' discretion,
> of course.

This is also true of Qantas aircraft - or their pilots.  In fact, if
asked, they are more than willing to have people (in small doses) up to
the flight deck and to answer questions and point out items of interest.

Simon Craig