Re: Fuel dumps

From: (Das Pork)
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Date:         08 May 95 02:09:08 
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No all airliners do not have the ability to dump fuel. Also it isn't for
crash safety reasons that the system exists.

Fuel dump systems are generally only installed on aircraft whose maximum
landing wieght is smaller than it's maximum takeoff weight. For example
the 767-200ER has no dump system while the -300 does. This is because with
full fuel and pax/baggage, in other words at max takeoff weight, should
the plane have to land immediatly after takeoff due to some emergency, it
must be able to lighten it's load below max landing weight in a hurry.

The only option is to dump fuel to get down under the limit. Normally the
aircraft burns the fuel as it flys to it's destination and therefore
arrives at well below it's max landing weight.

Das Pork