Re: Hitler's new airliner or what?

From: (David Hendrickson)
Organization: Eskimo North (206) For-Ever
Date:         08 May 95 02:09:07 
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In article <airliners.1995.558@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Thomas Enblom <> wrote:
>I've been reading about the last days in Hitlers Bunker in Berlin.
>There it was mentioned about a six-engined JU-390 airplane.
>I've never heard of such a plane. Was it supposed to be a future commercial
>airliner or what?

 the Junkers Ju 390 was basically a stretched Ju 290.  the 390v2 was 110
ft long with a 165 ft wing span.  four main gear and six 1700 hp BMW
radials.  the outboard main gear could extend and retract separately from
the inboard mains.  this is the plane that reportedly made the non-stop
run from france-(near)NY-back to france.  it could stay in the air for up
to 32 hours.