Re: British Airways 747's

From: (Andrew Chuang)
Organization: International Internet Association.
Date:         19 Jan 95 22:18:55 
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Peter Coe ( wrote:

: I was very surprised
: to see that BA have more 747-400's on order.  I presume that some of
: the list are options only, but if they are all taken up BA will soon
: have 50 747-400's.

I believe all the 50 -400's are firm orders.  BA has the world's
second largest B747 fleet (JAL has the largest).

: So has anyone come across what they are going to do with all these
: planes.  The 100's must be about ready for retirement,

In Karl's followup, he said that some of the 100's had been retired,
but I'm not aware of it.  Nevertheless, their days are numbered even if
they are still in the fleet.

: Some of the 100's will probably
: be replaced by 777's, which just makes the 747 orders seem even more
: strange.

I don't know the answer, but BA has been doing quite well lately.  After
all, BA is the largest international airline in the world.  If Singapore
(about one-half the size of BA) can have bought/ordered 52 B747-400's, I
don't see why BA cannot make use of the 50 -400's and 15 777's.

: A final note on BA's 777's.  The BA inflight magazine says they will
: be introduced on London-Paris routes before they go international.
: No ETOPS controversy for BA it would seem.

For a new aircraft type, airlines always do route-proofing.  For example,
last November, Cathay Pacific introduced the A340 between Hong Kong and
Bangkok, hardly an appropriate route for the A340.  Actually, I believe BA
is very eager to use the B777 for ETOPS, that's why GE is the only engine
manufacturer which has a firm date (end of 96, I think) for the
certification of a growth engine (90K or 92K of thrust, I think) for the
"B-plus" B777.  Right now, I think BA must be very unhappy with GE, since
the GE90 has yet to be certified (or, as a British would say, certificated).
 It was supposed to be certified in Nov of last year, right now is
scheduled to be certified in mid-Jan.  (Trent is supposedly to be certified
at the end of Jan.)  I seriously doubt that BA's B777 can be in service by
Sept, as originally planned.

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