Re: Fuel dump before crash-landing

From:         Pete Finlay <>
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Date:         08 May 95 02:09:05 
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In article: <airliners.1995.514@ohare.Chicago.COM>  Ted Deller
<> writes:
> I'm not certain that all airliners have the capability of dumping fuel.
> I don't recall this being an available option on the ones I'm familiar
> with.
> I think the larger the plane gets, the more demand there is for the
> ability to dump fuel. A B747 would likely have such an ability, while
> an A320 might not.


> I was under the impression that in many cases, if a landing is
> needed immediately after takeoff, the plane circles for a
> while to burn off fuel.

I'm a flight engineer with British Airways. In my time, I have flown the
707, the DC-10, and the 747. All three had the capability to dump fuel. In
longer range aircraft, it is invariably the case that the max. take-off
weight is considerably heavier than the max. landing weight. In an
emergency, the aim is to get the aircraft on the ground as quickly and
safely as possible. Hence fuel dumping.

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