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From: (Simon Craig)
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Date:         05 May 95 13:42:01 
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In article <airliners.1995.487@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Geoffrey
Stoel) wrote:

> Last time a friend of me asked me if it is true, that engines are being
> cleaned with sand or something alike.
> Does anybody know if this is true or false and if true please tell me how it
> is done exactely.

Well, in the *old* days, walnut shells were used, but not often any more,
I don't think.  I work at Qantas, and we use a solution (used to be called
"Zok" but the brand has just been changed) which is mixed with water and
heated and blasted under high pressure into the front of the engine while
it is being dry motored (running on the starter and not self sustaining).
We do this in stages, ie. 5 mins solution, 3 mins dry out, 5 mins
solution, 3 mins dry out, 10 mins water, and then 5 mins dry out.
Something like that anyway.  It is supposed to remove the particle
deposits of the compressor blades.  These particles reduce the compressor
airflow efficiency.  I am not sure how much of an improvement this task
actually achieves, but it is lots of fun to do at least!

Simon Craig