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From: (B. Douglas Reeves)
Organization: Tanasborne Graduate Institute
Date:         05 May 95 13:42:01 
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In article <airliners.1995.547@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Allan B. Elkowitz) wrote:

 |I recently flew from Prague to Munich on Contact Air which seems to
 |be a commuter airline partner of Lufthansa.  The aircraft used was
 |something called a DASH 8, Series 300 which I do not recall seeing in the
 |U.S.  Can anyone tell me something about this plane.

The dash8 is made my De Havilland Canada.  The DHC-8-300 seats 50-57 and
is powered by 2 Pratt & Whitney 123 turbo-prop engines and cruises at
about 330mph (~285 knots).  Being only of moderate speed, it is used for
shorter trips, although there are several countries (Canada, Australia)
for anti-submarine warfare and marine patrol.  Canada even has rear-loading
cargo versions, I believe (anyone have any data of this model?).  The
smaller DHC-8-100 is in service and seats 35-40 with PWC 120 and 121
engines and is a little slower.

Overall, the dash-8 is relatively low-tech, having entered service in
1985(?).  It is in service with many regionals, including Alaska/Horizon,
Northwest Airlink and others.  I have no information on the accident
record for this type.

DHC is considering a -400 variant with updated engines and a stretch good
for about 70 pax, but it is waiting for a launch customer.  The -400
would have a serious competitor in the ATR82.

D. Reeves, frequent -8 pax

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