British Airways 747's

From: (Peter Coe)
Date:         16 Jan 95 21:58:18 
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I was reading a copy of Aircraft Illustrated last week that had a
list of all British airlines and there planes.  I was very surprised
to see that BA have more 747-400's on order.  I presume that some of
the list are options only, but if they are all taken up BA will soon
have 50 747-400's.  Now BA have three generations of 747's.  100's
from the early 70's, 200's from late 70's to early's 80's (plus a
few as late as about 1990), and then all the 400's they already have
(something like 36).

So has anyone come across what they are going to do with all these
planes.  The 100's must be about ready for retirement, so some of
the 400's will be to replace those.  Some of the 100's will probably
be replaced by 777's, which just makes the 747 orders seem even more
strange.  So does anyone know about BA's retirement plans?  It would
seem that a whole bunch of the early 747's are going to be retired
soon.  BA seems quite rare in having hung onto it's original planes
for so long.

A final note on BA's 777's.  The BA inflight magazine says they will
be introduced on London-Paris routes before they go international.
No ETOPS controversy for BA it would seem.

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