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Date:         05 May 95 03:27:14 
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             Welcome to the Bluecoat Digest

In the early 1800's, (before the development of the chronometer)
the ship's captain had to rely on the skills of a trained
mathematician, for the only way to find longitude at sea was by
precise observations of the moon.  Sometimes these calculations
took up to four hours.

This made the problem of determining longitude an educational as
well as a technological problem, and sea faring nations organized
mathematics courses for common sailors.

In the late 18th century, Charles II set up a mathematics course
for forty pupils at the famous Bluecoat school in London.  But
teachers found it hard to satisfy both the sailors and the
mathematicians.  The governors of the school, noting that many
great sailors had done well enough without mathematics, asked
whether future sailors really needed it.  On the side of
mathematics, Sir Isaac Newton argued that the old rules of thumb
were no longer good enough.  Daniel Boorstin - "The Discoverers"


The Bluecoat Digest is a news and research mail list feed between
the engineer and the pilot, and between pilots.  A moderator will
compile articles from archived list traffic and make them available
to subscribers.  The goal is to provide clear, unrestricted
exchange of accurate information between participants, and to
discuss issues facing pilots of advanced technology aircraft.

The digest charter:
A moderated discussion-group dealing with the advanced cockpit
transport.  Topics include, but are not limited to, transport
category Flight Management Systems, instrument displays, and Mode
Control Panels.

Moderator: Bill Bulfer,  CAL - 757 FO and Author of the "FMC User's
Guide".  (Volunteer moderator for July/Aug needed.  We need to
change moderators every few months so no one gets burned out.)

Moderator:  Scans list traffic.  Chooses topics that are to be
researched and identifies the proper resource.  At the end of the
month, the completed digest is sent electronically to all
subscribers.  Basic requirements are conciseness, accuracy, and
relevance to the group charter.  Anonymous postings will not be
accepted, but the moderator will sanitize information if the
request is made.

Subscription to the Bluecoat Digest is free and available worldwide
to any transport pilot, transport component engineer, regulator, or
research scientist working in this field.

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