Re: Big hailstorm at DFW

From: (Allen Miller)
Organization: Colorado State University
Date:         05 May 95 03:27:13 
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Karl Swartz <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM> wrote:

>only considering aircraft on the ground; flying through a good hail
>storm could probably produce enough damage to crash an aircraft were
>one dumb enough to fly into one.

A Beech 1900 had an in-flight encounter with hail last summer, not
long after departing Denver.  The windshield was broken and the one of
the flight crew injured.  However, they were able to return to Denver
and land without further incident.  I haven't yet seen an NTSB report
on that flight, and don't know what other damage, if any, there was to
the aircraft.  It would be interesting to know why the crew did not
have information about the thunderstorm, or if they did why they wound
up flying in a severe hailstorm.

Allen Miller PP-ASEL KB0NDD