Capt. Al Haynes at USC Tue, May 9, 10:00am

From: (Barney Lum)
Date:         05 May 95 03:27:10 
Organization: USC University Computing Services, Los Angeles
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On July 18, 1989 while at 37,000 feet, United Airlines Flight 232
suffered an uncontained engine failure of the #2 engine.  Subsequent
damage to the hydraulic systems disabled all three of them, resulting
in loss all "normal" control of the DC-10.  Without cable/pulley
backup to the control surfaces, the only control system that remained
functional was that of the remaining two engines.  Utilizing
differential and coordinated thrust, they were able to marginally
control pitch and roll of the aircraft.

Through skill, resource utilization, and LOTS of luck, the crew of
UA 232 was able to bring their crippled aircraft to Sioux City.
Unfortunately, the attempted landing resulted in a fiery arrival of
which 184 of the 296 souls on board survived.  Preparedness by the
ground by emergency crew/facilites also proved to be a large factor
in the high survival rate.

Captain Al Haynes (retired), pilot of the ill-fated aircraft,
will be coming to USC to present his talk on the United 232.
If you need directions or more information, contact me or
Professor Edmond Jonckheere (



Controlling Crippled Aircraft With Throttles Only by Captain Al Haynes

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 9, 1995, 10:00 a.m.

Location:  Annenberg Auditorium
           Annenberg School of Communication (ASC) -  G21

Sponsors:  NASA, NSF, and United Airlines

Host: 	   E. Jonckheere tel: (213) 740-4457,
           fax: (213)740-4449
           USC Electrical Engineering - Systems

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