Historical aircraft crash test info available

From:         david.defelice@lerc.nasa.gov (David M. DeFelice)
Organization: Community Relations Office
Date:         02 May 95 13:27:39 
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Currently in sci.aeronautics.airliners, two threads are going about dumping
fuel prior to emergency landings and anti-misting additive for
jet fuel to avoid explosion in crashes.  Back in the days of NACA, what is
now NASA Lewis in Cleveland, Ohio conducted a series of aircraft crash tests
to study some of the issues.  I have recently made some of this information
available as follows:

On the World Wide Web there is a URL at:


In addition to a narrative description and technical reference, there is an
MPEG video clip of the tests.

Via anonymous FTP you can access two files:

   ftp.lerc.nasa.gov /pao/history/crashtst.txt  and crashtst.mpg (>400k)

I'm sure that you will find this information interesting.

David M. DeFelice - NASA Lewis Research Center - Community Relations Office
(216) 433-6186            Cleveland, Ohio      david.defelice@lerc.nasa.gov