Re: Rudder control & front gear

From: (Robert Leong)
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Date:         02 May 95 13:27:37 
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  or MIME structure (Robert Dorsett) wrote:

>The 747 is a bit different: it's controlled by the tiller on the ground, by
>the rudder when aerodynamically active.  It has a further option of steering
>using the center gear bogies to further assist the nose gear.

What is a 'center gear bogies'?

Do large jets have differential breaking of the left or right main
landing gears and if yes, are they used to assist in turning as do
light plans?

I once asked a MD80 pilot while sitting on the ground on a quick stop
over if he can tell me what the climb rate during initial takeoff was,
he told me he didn't know!  So I said oh and returned to my seat.  Can
this be for real?  Do they just go by the airspeed during climb and
don't really care what the VSI is as long as it is climbing?