Re: Rudder control & front gear

From:         "V. Crone" <>
Organization: University of Washington
Date:         02 May 95 13:27:37 
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> > Is a commercial aircraft (e.g., B747), I understand the
> > plane is controlled by the rudder for 'yaw'.  However,
> > once on the ground does the pilot have to make some
> > change to steer the craft with the nose gear vs. the
> > rudder?  In other words, are the rudder pedals also
> > used to steer the nose gear?

The Lockheed C-141 nose gear can be steered by the rudder pedals for
relatively small angles of turn.  I don't know the exact amount but I
think it's in the range of 5-7 degrees.  Most steering of the nosegear
involves using a small steering wheel to the left of the pilot.