Re: Turn rate of Airliners

From: (Hakon Arnar Hakonarson)
Date:         02 May 95 13:27:35 
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Derived from the following and assuming a level turn (Vertical component of
                      2   2

BA=Bank Angle (in degrees)
r=radius (in feet)
w=Turning Rate (in degrees/sec.)
V=Velocity (in Knots)

In your example the radius for the two different velocities would be as follows:

r=95.88*(600 KTS/3 degrees per sec.)=19176 ft.

r=95.88*(300 KTS/3 degrees per sec.)=9588 ft.

I'm not sure what you're asking for, "how fast do large commercial a/c turn
at 600 and 300 KTS".  Using a standard rate of turn, then they turn at 3
deg./sec. in other words 1 min to turn 180 deg. and 2 min. to turn 360 deg.
(180/3=60 sec. and 360/3=120 sec.).

Greater velocity means larger radius and vice versa.

>I'm building a simulation with commercial aircraft.  I need to the know
>the relationship of the the turn rate to the aircraft speed.  I've been
>told that aircraft turn at rates up to 3 degrees per second.  That
>requires a significant acceleration at 600 knots.  How fast do large
>commercial aircraft turn at 600 knots and 300 knots?  Thanks!

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