Re: Aircraft Turnaround

From: (Mr Ted Pleavin)
Organization: Hong Kong Supernet
Date:         02 May 95 13:27:34 
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Marcus O. McElroy ( wrote:
: Would anyone know what is involved in preparing a flight for turnaround
: on a SFO-NRT-SFO run?  What is the minumum amount of time it would
: take?  For example: disembarking of passengers, refueling, the many
: equipment checks, etc.....  I know that this process is highly dependent
: on the aircraft type, but I would like to know what some of the specifics
: might be.

Well,  after all the passengers have disembarked and the crew has left the
cleaners and caterers along with maintanance take over.  The A/C is
groomed and recatered.  Maintenance looks after any defects and awaits
the fuel load.  On long haul they usually start with a minimum preload
fuel figure and wait for the final as fuel loading can take a long time.
about the time the groomers are finishing the next crew arrives.  They
then proceed to check all their safety equipment, catering supplies,
etc.  The cockpit crew are busy doing prefilght checks as well, which
ussally includes a walk arround and loading the navigation information.
About 20 minutes before departure the passengers show up and you know the
rest.  :-)

Cheers Ted.