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wrote:Subject: Aircraft Turnaround on 27 Apr 95 02:53:22
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>Would anyone know what is involved in preparing a flight for turnaround
>on a SFO-NRT-SFO run?  What is the minumum amount of time it would
>take?  For example: disembarking of passengers, refueling, the many
>equipment checks, etc.....  I know that this process is highly dependent
>on the aircraft type, but I would like to know what some of the specifics
>might be.

I have been in involved primarily with the 747-400.  On my last flight
evaluation, we flew from Sydney to Hong Kong (about 8.5 hours) and then
the airplane dispatched Frankfurt.  The turnaround time is about 2 hours.
Generally, if there are problems during the flight, the crew will data
link (via ACARS/Satcom) the Central Maintenance Computer information to
the maintenance station.  Depending on airline policy, the maintenance
people can automatically request this information from the airplane in
flight (no crew intervention required).  In that way, any necessary spares
or other maintenance equipment can be at the ready.

Usually, if an airplane is late for dispatching during a turnaround, it is
due to maintenance problems.  I've seen a 747-400 fueled, cleaned, and
catered in under an hour.  Basically, the worst thing that can happen is
some electronic problem which is hard to troubleshoot or a hard part spare
which is not immediately available.

The newer airplanes have some automated aids which enhance
troubleshooting, but that is often times offset by their increased