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From: (Brad Gillies)
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Date:         02 May 95 13:27:33 
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  or MIME structure (Marcus O. McElroy) wrote:

>Would anyone know what is involved in preparing a flight for turnaround
>on a SFO-NRT-SFO run?  What is the minumum amount of time it would
>take?  For example: disembarking of passengers, refueling, the many
>equipment checks, etc.....  I know that this process is highly dependent
>on the aircraft type, but I would like to know what some of the specifics
>might be.

The single factor that limits turnaround time is the number of
passengers on the aircraft.
Typically, turnarounds take 1 hour (scheduled) but can be done faster.
I know from experience that an aircraft as large as an L-1011 can be
turned in less than 1 hour, But that is only if everything goes
Refuelling can also take time but if properly organized should be
complete before the passengers are all onboard.
Equipment checks are not really done on turnarounds unless there is a
problem.  The pilots do what is needed during their preflight check.
You will find that the pilots are always ready before the passengers
In any case a turnaround of an airliner is routinely 1 hour.