Re: Colour values in EFIS

From: (FMCDave)
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Date:         01 May 95 02:44:03 
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  or MIME structure (Max Francis) on Date: 27 Apr 95 02:53:18 wrote

>Does anyone know what the 24-bit RGB colour (yes, I'm English) values are for
>the gorgeous set of colours used on CRT-based EFIS and other such aircraft
>flight-deck instruments?  I'd be very grateful to know.....

Unfortunately, most EFIS displays (be they smart or driven by a signal
generator) do not use the same method of communication as used by the
computer industry. On the 737/757/767 EFIS, a Symbol Generator generates
the analog signal which drives the dispaly.  On the "smart" displays, a
digital signal is sent; but the protocols in both cases are proprietary to
the manufacturer and do not correspond to the PC protocols.  Sorry.

PS:  Note: In most cases the graphics are both raster scan and stroke
refresh.  Usually, the background is raster and the text (and symbols on
the Nav display) are stroked.