Re: New 737 engine intakes?

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Date:         01 May 95 02:44:02 
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>Will the new wing for the new models of 737s mean that Boeing can
>do away with the oval 737 engine intakes?

It's not really the wing but the landing gear -- the flattened bottom
of the nacelle is to provide adequate ground clearance and resistance
to foreign object ingestion (and damage) with the larger engines of
the newer 737s.  I wouldn't expect the new wing to significantly alter

The longer 737-800 may force some longer gear, though, allowing some
degree of relaxation of the flattening of the engine nacelle.  I have
not heard anything definite about this, but the 737-400 already needs
a tail skid because its length, coupled with the short gear, means it
has a tendency for tail strikes.  The -400 was supposed to be the
limit without longer landing gear.

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