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From: (JVRusso)
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Date:         01 May 95 02:44:01 
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On  27 Apr 95 02:53:18 (Geoffrey Stoel) wrote:

>>Last time a friend of me asked me if it is true, that engines are being
>>cleaned with sand or something alike.

>>Does anybody know if this is true or false and if true please tell me
>>how it is done exactely.

I've never heard of sand being used. It is too fine and would probably get
caught in the many crevises in the engine. Then if the sand got loose
during engine operation, it would most probably be transformed to glass in
the turbines and cause cooling air clogging problems (has been known to
happen at EAFB, CA).

A common method used in commercial engines is a simple one: walnuts! The
large hard shells are good for removing debris, but soft enough not to
damage the parent metal or coatings.

In the military workd, we sometimes use a soapy solution (one brand name
B&B 400) that is sprayed into the engine at the inlet and at directly into
the mid and rear of the compressor.

Both of these are done at motoring speeds. They are not put in the enigne
while it is running. The B&B is folliwed by a rinse cycle to get out any
soap residue. They both work well, and have been know to restore a few
points of efficienct to "dirty" compressors!