Re: Engine Cleaning

From:         "V. Crone" <>
Organization: University of Washington
Date:         01 May 95 02:44:01 
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> Last time a friend of me asked me if it is true, that engines are being
> cleaned with sand or something alike.
> Does anybody know if this is true or false and if true please tell me how it
> is done exactely.

There's no way any sane person would intentionally throw sand into an
operating jet engine.  It's just about the most harmful substance
available due to it's abasive characteristics.  It _is_ possible that
sandblasting is being used to clean turbine blades that have been removed
for refurbishing although i find that unlikely.
Years ago the Air Force used crushed walnut shells to clean the engines
of their T-37 aircraft which had centrifugal flow turbojet engines.  This
practice was stopped some time ago.