Re: Booster engines

From: (Dave Baran)
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Date:         16 Jan 95 21:39:09 
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Keith Steele <> writes:

>A solution already in use by some military transports is to use a jato bottle.
>Essentially a small rocket strapped to the side of the aircraft with a very
>high thrust to weight ratio.  The problem is most passengers would probabaly
>react unfavorably to the sight of flames and smoke pouring out just below the
>window line.   The EPA would probabaly not be impressed either because solid
>fuel rockets produce some pretty hazardous chemicals when they are fired.

I have seen pictures of a 727 that appeared to have JATO capabilities --
it was designed for use out of Mexico City.  I believe the owner was
Mexicana; there were only a couple that were built before the idea was
discarded. The photo caption called it JATO -- sure looked like it from the

-- Dave