Re: Aircraft Weight calc. question

From: (Rich Ahrens)
Organization: StarNet Communications, Inc
Date:         27 Apr 95 03:00:27 
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Ralf Sipple ( wrote:
: Rich Ahrens ( wrote:
: : <my original tale snipped>
: It is not only the weight that has to be taken into account but also the
: balance. When loading an airplane you have to assure, that the center of
: gravity of the loaded plane is within certain prescribed limlits.
: While certification process it has to be shown that the airplane can be
: handled safely even with C/G being at either forward or aft limit.

True, but in this case there was a very explicit discussion between the
cockpit and the ground crew: on his worksheet, a bag counted for 50 lbs
as baggage but only 30 lbs hand carried in the cabin. The pilot wanted
the weight on the paperwork reduced by 100 pounds, and rather than give
up a passenger he gamed the system by moving five bags into the cabin. I
have no doubt we were within safety margins, but it makes one wonder
what other shortcuts were taken by the carrier.

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