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Date:         27 Apr 95 03:00:26 
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In article <airliners.1995.475@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Michelle Bork <> wrote:
>Hi all.  In order to feed my growing thirst for aircraft information, I'm
>looking for some suggestions for two different books.
>I want one book about the different kinds of commercial aircraft.  I'd like
>it to have exterior pictures, cockpit pictures, and diagrams of some of the
>interiors (possible seating configurations, etc.).  In the case of the jumbos
>with crew galleys below coach or above, I'd like it to have pictures of those
>as well as diagrams of where they are usually located.  It should also contain
>the history of the plane.  I realize that any book out now might not have
>anything on the 777 so I'm willing to wait for a new edition, or a new book
>if anyone knows when one will appear.

I'm not sure if they have exactly what you have in mind, but try calling
"World Transport Press Inc" at 1-800-875-6711, and ask for a catalog. These
are the people who publish the bimonthly "Airliners" magazine. They do
have a very large selection of books, mostly concentrating on commercial

>The other book that I'm looking for is one on airplane crashes.  I've found
>one that seems to be good but is incomplete (they say so in the Forward).
>[some lines deleted]
>Any recommendations?  I have spent many hours in bookstores looking for
>potential books but have been unsuccessful.

There is a series of books on this topic by MacArthur Job, which are published
by "Aerospace Publications Pty Ltd" in Australia. The first 2 are called
"Air Crash" Vol 1 and 2, and deal with Australian aviation accidents up to
the early 1950's. The 3rd volume is called "Air Disaster Vol 1", which I am
currently reading. This book covers accidents worldwide beginning with
the Comet in the early 50's. Vol 2 of "Air Disaster" should be available
later this year. I believe that some of these books are listed in the
WTP catalog. If you can't find them there, send me email, and I'll let you
know how to order them from the Australian publisher.

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