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From: (ethan brodsky)
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Date:         27 Apr 95 03:00:26 
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In article <airliners.1995.475@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Michelle Bork) writes:
>I want one book about the different kinds of commercial aircraft.  I'd like
>it to have exterior pictures, cockpit pictures, and diagrams of some of the
>interiors (possible seating configurations, etc.).  In the case of the jumbos
>with crew galleys below coach or above, I'd like it to have pictures of those
>as well as diagrams of where they are usually located.  It should also contain
>the history of the plane.  I realize that any book out now might not have
>anything on the 777 so I'm willing to wait for a new edition, or a new book
>if anyone knows when one will appear.

One good book I have is "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Commercial
Aircraft".  The book was produced by Exeter Books of New York and
was printed in Great Britain.  The editor-in-chief is Bill Gunston,
a pilot, flight instructor, and accident-prevention lecturer.  The
book was printed in 1980, so it doesn't cover some of the more recent
aircraft.  The book starts with the Nene Viking, "the world's first
jet airliner", and has about 50 jet airliners, including the Comets,
many Russian planes, most MD, BAe, Convair, Lockheed, Boeing, and a
few early Airbus aircraft.  There is also a general aviation section,
which contains information on 75 aircraft, from Learjets and Citations
to the Russian/Polish M-15 jet biplane cropduster, and a section with
25 civil helicopters.  The book's ISBN is 0-89673-077-8, it is copyrighted
to Phoebus Publishing, first published by Exeter Books, and the copy
I have was printed in Great Britain.

    Ethan Brodsky
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