Re: Rudder control & front gear

From:         "Joseph D. Mazza" <>
Organization: Naval Science, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA
Date:         27 Apr 95 02:53:19 
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Excerpts from netnews.sci.aeronautics.airliners: 20-Apr-95 Rudder
control & front gear by Wayne Dockery@pipeline.c
> Is a commercial aircraft (e.g., B747), I understand the
> plane is controlled by the rudder for 'yaw'.  However,
> once on the ground does the pilot have to make some
> change to steer the craft with the nose gear vs. the
> rudder?  In other words, are the rudder pedals also
> used to steer the nose gear?

Most large airplane's I've flown have a separate steering wheel located
to the left of the pilot's left knee to control the nose wheel on the
ground.  This was true of both the C-130 and the P-3 (also the L-188

Nosewheel steering in other large aircraft may be different.  But if the nose
wheel were to be controlled by the rudder pedals, I imagine there would
have to be some "logic" in the system that would prevent large nose
wheel movements when the rudder is kicked around at high speeds during
takeoff or landing, especially in engine-out situations where large
rudder inputs are necessary to control asymmetric thrust.