Re: accident ratio list

From: (Sethu R Rathinam)
Organization: INS Info Services
Date:         27 Apr 95 02:53:17 
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Karl Swartz (kls@ohare.Chicago.COM) wrote:
: Fascinating list -- thanks for taking the time to post it.  Do they
: define "accident" anywhere?  The 1.86 ratio for the 747-400 is some-
: what surprising.  There have been three 747-400 "accidents" that I'm
: aware of, though none were fatal and only one (China Air 605 in Hong
: Kong) resulted in a hull loss.  Given how few departures a 747-400
: makes, perhaps this one loss could be sufficient to account for 1.86
: accidents per 1e6 departures.

The source of the list is the Boeing publication "Statistical Summary of
Commercial Jet Aircraft Accidents - Worldwide Operations - 1959-1993"
page 24 - which I have in front of me.  The bar graph is titled "Hull Loss
Accident Rates" (excludes sabotage and military action).  Those facts will
most likely account for the 1.86 per million departures figure for the
747-400 with the one hull loss in Kaitak (the airplane skidded on landing
and ended up in the bay and the tail had to be blown off because it was a
hazard to landing aircraft, if memory serves right).

Sethu R Rathinam