F70 order update 21.04.1995.

From:         S.Tolboom@kub.nl (Stephan Tolboom)
Date:         27 Apr 95 02:53:14 
Organization: Tilburg University
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FOKKER 70 orders until 21 April 1995.

Sempati (Indonesian airline)                       10
Pelita  (Indonesian oil company)                    5
British Midland (British regional airline)          5
Air Littoral (French regional airline)              5
Mesa (US regional airline)                          2
Ford  (US car manufacturer)                         2 (corporate version)
Dutch Government                                    1 (corporate version)
Malev (Hungarian national airline)                  4
Undisclosed Customer                                1 (corporate version)
Silkair (Singaporean regional airline)              2
Tyrolean (Austrian regional airline)                3
Austrian Airlines (Austrian national airline)       4
Alitalia (Italian national airline)                15
                                           Total   59

The aircraft ordered by Alitalia will be operated by their regional
subsidiary Avianova. This order also includes 10 options. The deal is
estimated at being worth $ 360 mln( no official figures were disclosed )
According to Alitalia the F70 was chosen because of the low operating costs
and the excellent level of safety the F70 offers. The F70's will reportedly
be used on European routes from Rome and Milan.