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From: (Ralf Sipple)
Organization: Comp.Center (RUS), U of Stuttgart, FRG
Date:         22 Apr 95 03:53:51 
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Rich Ahrens ( wrote:
: ground crew. It seemed that bags automagically weighed less in the cabin than
: in the baggage compartment, and he wanted five bags moved into the cabin to
: bring him within limits. The ground crew apparently refused to do so, so he
: eventually marched (OK, duckwalked) to the back of the cabin, opened the door,
: retrieved bags himself, and asked passengers to shove them under their seats
: or even hold them in their laps.

It is not only the weight that has to be taken into account but also the
balance. When loading an airplane you have to assure, that the center of
gravity of the loaded plane is within certain prescribed limlits.
While certification process it has to be shown that the airplane can be
handled safely even with C/G being at either forward or aft limit.

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