From: (Michelle Bork)
Date:         22 Apr 95 03:53:51 
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Hi all.  In order to feed my growing thirst for aircraft information, I'm
looking for some suggestions for two different books.

I want one book about the different kinds of commercial aircraft.  I'd like
it to have exterior pictures, cockpit pictures, and diagrams of some of the
interiors (possible seating configurations, etc.).  In the case of the jumbos
with crew galleys below coach or above, I'd like it to have pictures of those
as well as diagrams of where they are usually located.  It should also contain
the history of the plane.  I realize that any book out now might not have
anything on the 777 so I'm willing to wait for a new edition, or a new book
if anyone knows when one will appear.

The other book that I'm looking for is one on airplane crashes.  I've found
one that seems to be good but is incomplete (they say so in the Forward).
I can't remember the name of it right now.  I have quite a bizarre desire
to learn all that I can about plane crashes.  (Some history here - I loved
to fly when I was younger and after a death in my immediate family, I
went 5 years without flying due to an immense, uncontrollable fear.  I
had to get over it quickly once I graduated from college and had to
travel for my job!  I still have a little bit of trouble but I have found
that reading about planes AND plane crashes has actually made me feel
better about it.)

Any recommendations?  I have spent many hours in bookstores looking for
potential books but have been unsuccessful.

Michelle Bork

Michelle (Wright) Bork           Hughes Information Technology Corporation              a subsidiary of Hughes Aircraft Company
Denver, Colorado
(formerly in Reston, Virginia)