Re: need A320 pilots/Email addresses

From: (Francis JAMBON)
Organization: CLIPS-IMAG, Grenoble, France
Date:         20 Apr 95 01:51:55 
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In article <airliners.1995.424@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (DANJET)

> I have a contact at Air Inter in France who is in need of asking A320
> pilots some very specific questions on the general acceptance of this
> aircraft.
> Please respond to me with your Email address and I will forward them to my
> contact at Air Inter.

I am rather surprised by your request, because I have experienced a lot of
difficulties to ask this sort of questions some years later. You have to
know that in France, in two weeks will take place presidential election.
Air Inter was in strike two days last week, and will be on Wedsday this
week too. In a so politically "active" period I wonder if your contact at
Air Inter is really interested in Human Factors. Maybe the SNPL (Airliners
Pilots Trade Union), or a journalist want some "good questions" to ask,
and in my own opinion our job is not to help a trade-union to provoque a
strike but to improve the HCI for years.

So I suggest waiting a month (after Sunday May 7th - end of the
presidential election) before sending your questions.


PS: Be sure that a lots of people (in France) will be glad to ask
questions or to meet pilots. My adress is below.
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