Re: Underfloor Lounges or Rooms in which Aircrafts?

From:         David Lednicer <>
Date:         20 Apr 95 01:51:54 
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	I can't comment on the PSA L-1011 underfloor lounges, though I do
remember publicity pictures taken at the time of their delivery.  As to
the DC-10 elevator - I have seen it in use on United DC-10s and it is a
really neat installation.  You could walk through the galley and not even
notice it.  I think it is located just in front of the wing spar box.
BTW - I seem to remember that a United Flight Attendant got caught in one
and died of a heart attack back in the early-mid 1970's.

	The 747 aft fuselage crew rest areas are made by Flight
Structures, Inc., up North of here in Arlington, WA.  FSI brags that they
are one of the few pieces of buyer furnished equipment that Boeing will
install on the assembly line.  They are entered from the main deck via what
looks like a standard sidewall storage compartment.  A stairway climbs up
above the ceiling to a rather tight, but comfortable compartment.  I seem
to remember two or three beds with privacy curtains up in the compartment.

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