Re: Underfloor Lounges or Rooms in which Aircrafts?

From:         Nicolas Ercan Murat <vis@leland.Stanford.EDU>
Date:         20 Apr 95 01:51:53 
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> Which commercial jetliners have either a lounge or some sort of non-baggage
> room located below the main cabin (perhaps for the crew to use in meal
> preparation)?  And for those planes which do have them, any comments on
> how they are accessed in flight, their location, size, etc.

Condor, Lufthansa's charter affiliate, operates some DC-10s which use the
cargo hold as the aircraft's galley. Because charter have stricter limits on
passenger luggage allowances, they can use galley space on the main deck for
extra seats.

The under-floor galley can be accessed by two elevators: one for the crew
and the other for a trolley. It's pretty interesting to be in there.  It's
quite spacious and gives the crew a little "peace" at times.


And yes...I support Airbus.