Re: Underfloor Lounges or Rooms in which Aircrafts?

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Date:         20 Apr 95 01:51:50 
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Eric Olesen wrote:
>I believe that the L1011 (I love the name Tritanic BTW!)

Never heard that one.  I like it, almost as much as Death Crate for
the DC-10!  :-)

>also had the lower lobe gally

Could be.  I know about it on the DC-10 from a discussion of the
Eastern L-1011 that flew into the Everglades (on an L-1011, you verify
the nose gear is locked down via a view port in the electronics bay
under the flight deck; on a DC-10, it depends on whether you have a
lower galley or not) and from noticing that United's DC-10-30s have a
higher (by one) seat count, on account of having the lower galley
which their DC-10-10s don't have.

>In both the DC10 and the L1011, the LLG takes up the forward 6 or 8
>cargo container positions, directly beneath the first class cabin.
>From the photos I've seen of the 747 LLG, it is in a similar position
>below the first class cabin.

The position may be an option, but United's 747-100s definitely have
the lower galley fairly far back -- looking at a seating chart I think
it's in the vicinity of the 4L/4R cabin doors, which puts it just aft
of the wing root.  (It couldn't be under first, actually, since most
carriers just have F class ahead of the 1L/1R doors, and there's not
enough room below deck up there.  Presumably you mean slightly aft of
the nose gear, which would put access at the front of what's usually
the business class cabin.)

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