Re: Underfloor Lounges or Rooms in which Aircrafts?

From: (Eric Olesen)
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Date:         20 Apr 95 01:51:50 
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Karl Swartz (kls@ohare.Chicago.COM) wrote:
: >Which commercial jetliners have either a lounge or some sort of non-baggage
: >room located below the main cabin (perhaps for the crew to use in meal
: >preparation)?  And for those planes which do have them, any comments on
: >how they are accessed in flight, their location, size, etc.

: The 747 and DC-10 both have optional lower galleys.  United has them
: on their 747-122s, located just aft of the wing (or maybe just forward
: of the wing) and accessed via a single-person elevator.  On DC-10s so
: equipped it's just behind the nose gear.  I don't know how you reach
: it, though I'd guess it's similar to the 747 lower galley.

I believe that the L1011 (I love the name Tritanic BTW!) also had the
lower lobe gally (TW's L10's have a lower level door with a window on the
right side just below the R2 doorway) as an option. In both the DC10 and
the L1011, the LLG takes up the forward 6 or 8 cargo container positions,
directly beneath the first class cabin. From the photos I've seen of the
747 LLG, it is in a similar position below the first class cabin.

: There was some talk a while back about a below-deck crew rest area on
: the A340 -- apparently Air France dropped their use because they were
: being used for, um, non-restful activities!  :-)  Presumably this is
: also an optional feature for the A330, though I can't say for sure.  I
: have no idea how one reaches this area.

Gulf Air and Lufthansa use this feature on their A340's. A cargo
container outfitted with bunks, lighting, O2 units and a stairway is
placed in the first two cargo positions -aft- of the wing box. There is a
closet in midcabin with a pressure hatch that leads to the stairway on the
container unit.

On flights where crew rest is not contractually reqiured, the units are
removed to make room for more cargo.

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