Re: Wind Shear Advisories

From: (George Hull)
Organization: DirecTell L.C. - Park City, UT. - 1.801.647.0214
Date:         20 Apr 95 01:51:48 
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In article <airliners.1995.413@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Stratosfear
<> wrote:

> Does everyone really "hear" the detailed reports of ATC tower controllers
> during Low Level Wind Shear Advisories? They go through these well-
> intentioned litanies for various portions of the airport while a pilot
> hangs onto the horns trying to keep the airplane aimed at the runway.
> Yet do these reports register useful information or distract from
> the task at hand?

Yes, we hear them.  Information about the winds is definitely "heard" by
pilots approaching airports experiencing windshear.  The advisories or
alerts are transmitted in the form: "Wind shear alert . . north boundary
wind 270/05 . . center field wind 030/15 . . etc."  That information gives
us specific information, but perhaps more importantly it gives a measure
of magnitude and severity.

There is a lot of message traffic on ATC frequencies and almost all of it
is concise and appropriate and useful.  After you have listened to it for
years you get a lot of information from a transmission that a lay person
might find unintelligible.

If the tast at hand is so difficult that it requires all of your attention
you probably already have the information that the tower was transmitting
. . but you're wrestling with it at the controls.