Re: TAROM Airbus A310 reportedly crashes (in Romania?)

From: (Michael Tsigonis)
Organization: Hellas On Line Athens Greece
Date:         20 Apr 95 01:51:46 
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>Airbus is suffering a lot of "system" failures and as a paying
>passenger in the back I wouldn't give a damn if the probelm was
>the pilot pushing the wrong button or the wing falling off due
>to poor mechanical design. Right now, systems involving Airbus
>aircraft seem to be experiencing rather a lot of serious and
>sometimes catastrophic failures. What's the common thread?
>Pilot training? I don't know but I suspect that when you create
>a new "role" for the pilot you are going to have all kinds of
>    Peter

Airbus have just changed their initial training procedures to
include more normal procedures training . All manufacturers give
what the customers ask so if you say to them just give us a checkride
they would probably do just that with a few days ground school. I
would not blame just the manufacturer for that both as a passenger
and as a pilot.

This is not the first Tarom occurence. I suspect that the different
philosophy of Eastern airlines has made it more difficult for them
to transition to Western technology. behind all the electronics is
a real airplane and maybe they dont see through the CRTs as well
yet. Pilot quality has little to do with it transition counts here.

My 2 drachmas:)