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>The 777 recieved its FAA Type Certificate at 9AM today (4/19) in
>a ceremony at Boeing Field.

The Wall St. Journal (4/20 issue) is reporting that the FAA and JAA
simultaneously awarded type certificates for the 777, a first.  (In
the past, the "native" authority issued a TC then the other of the
two major ones followed later on, anywhere from weeks to months.)

>This only covers normal commercial operations - ETOPS is yet to come.

Quoting from the WSJ, on the subject of United's planned trans-
Atlantic flights on the first day of service (LHR-IAD and ORD-FRA),
"A United spokesman said those flights require Etops (sic) approval,
but that if it isn't in hand in time the flights would take a longer,
more northerly route closer to Greenland and Iceland."

Taken literally, that statement obviously contradicts itself.  As I
have noted before, you *can* fly the North Atlantic without ETOPS, but
it requires good weather and a substantially more northerly route than
usual, which in turn increases flight time and fuel burn quite a bit.
Obviously that is exactly what United is planning on doing if the 777
doesn't get its ETOPS rating in time.

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